Thursday, April 05, 2007

"You love nothing. The human parts of you are incomplete. You are as dead as you are deadly"--dialogue from "The Lion in Winter". Prince Richard speaking to his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine.

I fired someone last night--someone who has had it coming for a long, long time. In December I had a meeting with this person, who at one point I had considered as a possible successor, and let him know that I had no more exceptions left for him, and that as a final courtesy I was going to let him find another job and quit rather than face the ignomity of being dismissed [not a well-liked employee--his dismissal would have been cause for the staff's celebration and his condiserable embarrassment].

This is a guy who came from a nationally acclaimed restaurant where he had been a valued employee for years and who enjoyed my considerable endorsement for many months. Whatever happened to him, and I found out later that personal and chemical issues were primarily responsible, he devolved while in our employ to a miserable, rude, and bitter shell of himself--offensive to both guests and staff alike. However, like an idiot, I still held out hope that he would rebound, see the incredible opportunity offered him, and recognize the unique nature of the property to which he had come. At one point in a private meeting with my employer I rebuked demands for this fellow's termination by reiterating my support and protecting his continued employment with threat of my own departure. All he needed was time, I thought, and yet another good talking to. Apparently, not so much.

He was, of course, as disagreeable in departure as he had been in employment. I often wonder if any of those I fire ever look back with embarrassment at their behavior, if any of them really analyze their employment and go, "man, I had every opportunity there, got more than my share of favors, and I really let those people down", or do they just go get drunk and talk about how much I suck.

I'm pretty sure I know the answer.


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