Thursday, September 07, 2006

"I want you to listen to me...I DID NOT...HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS...WITH THAT WOMAN...MISS LEWINSKY"--William Douchebag Clinton

I keep praying that he will somehow go away--move to Dubai, succumb to gonnorhea, buy a KFC franchise in Mongolia, fall into his wife's gaping maw of a past-middle-aged vagina and not be able to climb out--something. Of course he will not go away, but every time his shrunken spray-on-tanned head rears up spewing nonsense and self-serving blather, I do have to smile at one little secret I know is true.

Former President Asscrack's entire life's philosophy is a rip-off of an Eddie Murphy comedy bit. I can't remember which album it's on, but Clinton heard it. He was in some trailer somewhere, or maybe in a whorehouse or a VD Clinic or at a peace rally or possibly at some bar where all the Arkansas WT fat girls hung out at the time [later called the Arkansas governor's mansion] and that's where he heard it. It's a short bit, the one where Eddie Murphy is talking about the philandering husband who gets caught cheating red-handed and sticks to his guns with bald-faced simple denial, "wa'n't me..." No matter what the wife says--she saw his car, saw him, had the credit card receipt, whatever--all the guy says is "wa'n't me..." In the bit, eventually the wife just gives up and apologizes, much like the witless American people did over and over again.

Now of course he and his accomplices are all twisted up over an ABC mini-series that dares to dramatize real events starting with the 1993 WTC bombing and ending with 9/11--he and the rest of his co-defendants don't want everyday Americans to FINALLY see that throughout the Douchebag's presidency, nothing was done about Osama bin Laden and Al Quada. Not when our embassies were attacked, not when the Cole was bombed, not when the Kobar Towers were targeted, and not any of the numerous times Sudan and others offered Bin Laden to us on a silver platter.

"It's's's based on hearsay...we're given no chance to defend ourselves...the mini-series tapes are too big for Sandy Berger to shove down his pants and steal..and worse of all--only WE are supposed to be allowed to tell America what to think".

What a bunch of soul-less cocksuckers--I'm often shocked that Clinton and Reid and Pelosi and Boxer and Feinstein and Schumer and Dean and all the rest don't just burst into flames or get claimed by demons from hell while they are in the midst of their press conferences.


Anonymous Michelle said...

Oh. That's a darned shame. I just found your blog tonight. I'd been enjoying it---wondering, in fact, if you were a cleverly disguised East Coast steakhouse restauranteur of whom I am fond and who is also a fan of the compound/complex sentence---but this post is the hair in my entree.

Granted, I'm in a different part of the country---though my family's all down south so I feel as if I'm not completely out of touch with the way the rest of the nation thinks---but I'm always almost anthropologically amazed to come across someone who still rants about the Clinton administration in this day and age. My god, how I yearn for the good old days when the most pressing thing this country had on its collective mind was blowjobs in the White House. What with your comments regarding the genitalia of a former First Lady and present-day Senator, in fact, the sheer level of ad hominem lather you've worked up here kind of makes me nostalgic for the 90s, actually---it's all so familiar, so quaint!

I note this post's a year old. I wonder if you still think that the Democrats are the problem in this country. If so... what's the solution? The Bush administration couldn't find its own ass with a flashlight and a map and we're going to be cleaning up their messes all over the world for years upon years to come. Our next president will be a Democrat, and I don't even care which one, I just know that I'll finally be able to breathe again when it happens.

(True story: my verification code at this moment is ICGWB. It's so true, but I wish I didn't.)


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