Saturday, March 24, 2007

A manager's verson of an excellent restaurant blogger's take on what makes a bad restaurant--two sides to every coin.

Ten signs that you might be an asshole waiter/bartender/busboy/etc.
1. Your uniform looks like you slept in it, and that you fell asleep in a pile of food
2. You take home $50,000.00/yr but are 15 minutes late every day because you won't pay for parking
3. You refuse to ever change your "set" schedule when the restaurant needs your help, but scream like a stuck pig when you lose shifts because the frustrated manager had to hire more help to cover his shortfalls.
4. You never fuck up, the guests are always just shitty tippers
5. You spend twenty minutes trying to figure out how to slide out of ten minutes of sidework
6. You don't understand why "too hung over to work" is not a valid excuse.
7. Your guest's water glasses are always empty, but their wine glasses are so full they can hardly lift them
8. Your grandmothers have died three times
9. You don't understand why you can't use your cellphone during the shift--after all, "these fucking people aren't spending any money anyway!"
10.Your too stupid to drink on the job without getting caught, and forget to wipe the coke off your face before coming out of the bathroom.


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