Thursday, June 07, 2007

"The law is not so much carved in stone as it is written in water, flowing in and out with the tide"--Jeff Melvoin

"The smaller the mind, the greater the conceit"--Aesop

It seems no one wants to do the hard work anymore, with the possible exception of Islamic Fascist terrorists and Middle Eastern anarchists. I wonder if my amazement at recent years' events is similar at all to the amazement of many normal Roman citizens in the last years before their magnificent capital was overrun by the Barbarian Horde. I have also recently thought it rather prophetic that while Christopher Columbus was approaching North America to begin the saga of this land, the last Byzantine Emperor was sitting in his palace within the besieged walls of Constantinople probably saying to himself, "I guess the Muslims really were serious about taking over the world, after all--who knew!"

I see the badly coreographed histrionics that play out daily on the floor of Congress and wonder if any of those reprehensible pieces of crap [from both parties] remember the slightest bit of 20th century American history--I wonder if they remember that when the Republicans took control of Congress in the middle of World War II that the first thing they did was issue a statement in support of Franklin Roosevelt--I wonder of they have so much contempt for their constituents that they truly believe no one back home will hold them responsible for their despicable deeds and actions--I wonder that they can overlook or dismiss the clear fact proven time and again that the only wars we lose are the ones that we fight in limited fashion. They haggle and spit and scratch over supplies for our wonderful armed forces, using the necessity of the action to try to pad their own districts and constituencies with ancillary bullshit earmarks. They leave our people undefended, insulted, and diminished in both word and deed when they should instead be filling their camps, bases, vehicles, and pockets with the best of everything used to eat, drink, wear, destroy, and kill.

I am well beyond furious. I am furious with the democrats, their party, and their thousands of pet reporters who put our very existence at risk in order to attack and belittle a man who cannot hurt them anymore. George W. Bush's presidential career is nearly over. Leave him alone and do your jobs--see to our best interests. The only pair of balls in the entire Democratic Party goes home every night with Joseph Lieberman--tell George Soros to go fuck himslef and find a few more sets and DO WHAT IS RIGHT. Stop with the constant polling, the internet ass-sucking, and the craven groveling for money. The two-faced, accent-changing, bald-faced lying garbage and double-standard laden swamp you exist in is truly one of the most embarrassing things about our country.

Oh, and just in case someone wants to ask me about all the "innocents killed" or the "war for oil" or the "Haliburton Conspiracy" or "Bush lied" or any of the rest of that Rosie O' Donnell bullshit, allow me to pre-emptively retort. 1.--We haven't killed enough innocents--dead and hideously wounded civilians and lots of them is how you win a war. 2.--The war for oil isn't in the Middle East, it is right here in America and we are getting our asses kicked--we haven't built a new oil refinery since Nixon was in office, and diminishing refining capacity is our biggest problem. 3.--Vice-President Cheney was making $30 million a year as chairman of Halliburton BEFORE the Iraq War and left the job to come get the shit kicked out of him every day as Vice-President for less money than I make--their is no "conspiracy", just patriotic duty--no wonder most of his critics can't recognize it. 4.--All Presidents lie--I just want them to lie about important things. Lie to protect the existence of our way of life. Lie to get us a foothold in a part of the world we will be spilling blood in for the next twenty years. Don't lie about taking advantage of some fat girl. Oh, and if you want to tell me that "nobody died when Clinton lied"--best put your helmet on before you get in the car to drive that one over here, because you will take some damage to be sure.

As for the Republican members of Congess--I feel like a husband come home early to find his wife in bed with his best friend--about 250 times. Is it so difficult to operate from the minority that you must immediately abandon all principles and start jacking Ted Kennedy off? I fully understand the frustration of those in my place who say let them be voted out and let the party learn its' lesson--the only problem is that this isn't the 1970's--we might not have a country left if we invest four years in "clearing the bums out". I am positive that we reside in safety now because the part of the world that despises us is terrified of George W. Bush--politicians they don't give a shit about--it is the principled man with the full bandolier that gives them pause.

This post started out as a hot-headed treatise on the farcical immigration proceedings now taking place on Capital Hill. The first quote from Jeff Melvoin was a reference to the fact that we don't need a new law--we have a 21 year-old law already on the books that is perfect--it just needs to be ENFORCED. Unfortunately, enforcing a two-decades old immigration statute before we drown in criminals doesn't get anyone on "Meet the Press", or the cover of "Time Magazine" [if "Time" even still exists]--and so here we are with Congress' version of the Tijuana Donkey Show. Instead, the post ended up in the bottomless well of my frustration--frustration with the fact that "doing what is right" has mainly been replaced with "doing what is easy", "doing what makes me look good", "doing what will get me re-elected", and most importantly "doing what will hopefully hurt or embarrass the President".

I will now go and get very drunk. Then I will be very hung over, then I will come back to work, and then after work I will hopefully continue this line of displayed thought in a more collegial fashion. God bless the end of the Cold War and plentiful, cheap Russian vodka.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a less interesting track we are on right now. To sum up:

Restaurant writing = good.
Political writing = bad.

1:04 AM  
Blogger last one home said...

I write for me. Thankully for evereyone else, the interent is chock full of far better and more interesting blogs than my own. To sum up:

what I want to write=important to me

what you want to read=less important to me

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't agree with all your political views, but I enjoy reading anything you write.

So, write on!! Bob out

P.S. Maybe this site is working better, or maybe I just figured it out. I have posted, well tried to post on all you blog entries. The one from the previous post is the only one that has shown up.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Granted, it's your blog so you can write what you like. But your restaurant writing is of really high caliber - engaging, funny, insightful, interesting. Here's hoping your frustrations with our current political climate don't take over; I'd miss the other stuff.

11:52 AM  
Blogger me said...

personally i feel a sense of relief that a non-political blog writer can and does write forcefully and knowledgeably about such a vital issue.

and i get fucked off by anon commentors who hide behind a total lack of imagination

3:41 AM  
Blogger Ex-restaurant manager said...

Lieberman is not a Democrat. Never was (not really), never will be. Premiere member of the Flip-Flopper Party of Amerika.

5:33 PM  
Blogger last one home said...

I must admit to not following the senator's voting record with great attention, and of course I know he is technically a independent, but if memory serves, outside of national security issues, he fits the mold of a classic northeastern democrat pretty well--obviously a matter of opinion. He does hold the distinction of being both the only democrat AND only independent I have ever contributed money to

6:03 PM  
Blogger Homebody said...

Hey there!

Found your blog a couple days ago, have been reading ever since. Interesting stuff, I have greatly enjoyed reading.

You know, I feel your pain on this. And I think you are sincere in that you truly believe if we just 'fight harder' we will 'win.' But I don't think that's right.

I am a 'do it right' kind of person. And I think we left Afghanistan to the drug dealers and tried to do Iraq on the cheap. We can't just blame the Dems. The President and the Rep. had many, many chances to make the war on terror a large and permanent part of the DOD budget, but chose to string things along so as not have to put the costs 'on the books' and to maintain the myth of Iraq being an easy target.

I also know from cold, hard experience that the Rep. and President never truly funded the war. Military folks in most cases are working YOUR hours if they are not on their second or third deployment in as many years, their spouses are basically single parents, and the are straining financially at all levels of the DOD, EXCEPT the big companies we buy the (often defective) tools of war from. This had been going on for years, you can't blame the Dems for consistently underfunding our military people since 9/11.

I don't actually think those countries are all that afraid of us either. And I don't think more dead bodies will change that. I want us to BE safer, not FEEL safer, and *I* truly believe that hearts and minds are better alive than dead when it comes to making the world a safer place. For everyone.



5:49 PM  

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