Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"We must go out and meet the enemy before he reaches our shores. We must defeat him before he attacks us, before our cities are laid to waste."--William Lyon Mackenzie King

"The essence of war is violence. Moderation in war is imbecility."--John A. Fisher

Can anyone tell me when it was that we, as a country, cut off our own balls and buried them in a time capsule marked, "open after the USA has been overrun and/or destroyed"?

The creation of and use of the atomic bomb by this country saved hundreds of thousands of US lives by making an invasion of Japan unneccessary for victory in World War II. We purchased those American lives by spending tens of thousands of Japanese ones--the [mostly] civilian residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I am cool with that. I am totally comfortable with the fact that we achieved victory in the Pacific Theatre during World War II by employing the most awesome and devastating weapon ever imagined up to that point by the twisted mind of man. Twice.

In Korea, perhaps because Truman was saddled with personal guilt over his atomic decisions or perhaps because we had some ludicrous political reason for not displaying the fact that the Chinese were fighting side by side with the Communist Koreans, we for the first time in history fought a "limited" war. Because we fought a limited war, many Americans were senselessly lost in battle while an operation that should have been concluded over a long weekend took years to grind to a ridiculous stalemate. What the fuck is a limited war, anyway? As far as I am concerned, and as far as we as a country should be concerned, everything short of nuclear ordnance is automatically authorized every time some one or some country decides to poke us to see if we still have teeth.

Vietnam? Vietnam was the abortion of much of this country's soul, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. The first American military "advisors" landed in that shithole to help the French maintain their control over the territory. Once again, we got ass-wiping detail because of the French. Most imbecilic Americans with their porous and dismissive understanding of history don't even realize when that sinkhole opened up--in the frigging '50's. Truman sent advisors that Eisenhower added to that Kennedy made fighting troops that Lyndon Johnson hemmed and hawed and sobbed over that fell into Nixon's lap to be added to and detracted from and supported and abandoned and that were finally summoned home during Ford's housekeeping administration.

Ask the American embassy employees that spent 444 days as guests of the Ayatollah how effective "diplomatic feelers", "official apologies", "state department task forces", and "small scale rescue missions" were in having them freed. Do you know why they were freed? They were freed because the Iranian Ayatollah was afraid of Ronald Reagan. Fear brought them home--fear of our might, fear of our anger, fear of our need to exact justice, and fear of a man coming to the helm of this country who would see to it--this current crop of Islamic fascist terrorists were grown in fields fertilized by the ineptitude, cowardice, and gutless pacifism of one James Earl Carter. The guilt-ridden American left-wing and it's myriad partners in the mainsteam media protect those fields and their fetid crops from the American machinery that would plow them under--bombarding the American people with "news" and "investigative journalism" that makes our people, our government, and our military out to be the true villians.

If tomorrow our B-52's, F-22's, B-2's, and A-10's took to the skies over Fallujah or Basra or [what the Hell] Damascus and bombed the suspected strongholds of militant Islamic fascists, do you know how I would feel? If those strongholds included schools and mosques and orphanages and flower shops? If among the bodies of the enemy they found women, children, the old, and the infirm? I would feel safer--that's how I would feel.

Do you know what the pictures of these bombings would mean to the world?--of course they would be evidence of our barbarism, out bloodlust, our lack of sophistication, and our imperial zeal. Do you know what those pictures would mean to the terrorists?--of course they would be evidence that they weren't safe anymore just because they cloaked themselves in convention, or in the bodies of children and the innocent, and that they no longer set the rules of engagement witht he help of the international media. Do you know what those pictures would mean to other innocent Arabs/Muslims living their lives in and around other terrorists?--of course they would be evidence that if they wanted to continue living, they should start talking to the authorities about their roommates, or at the very least get the fuck out of Dodge.

What should the official US reaction be to an airstrike such as I just described? Why of course our government should be saddened and troubled by the loss of so much innocent life--then we should start all over the next day, and apologize again, and the next day and the day after that and the day after that and so on, as the shampoo commercial once said. We should take no special measure for civilians in harm's way, because that is the nature of war. Eventually, good and peaceful Arabs will surrender their vile and black-hearted breathren in order to save their own lives--the very meaning of civilization in short-hand.

If we continue to pursue our enemies with one hand tied behind our back so as to make it fair, our enemies will sneak up behind us, cut that restrained hand from our wrist and choke us with it.

I would rather be a living, breathing bully than a politically correct corpse--fuck Islam, fuck the subversive and smarmy Council on American-Islamic Relations, fuck the ACLU twice [in the ass without lube], and fuck The New York Times, though judging from their financial statements of late they won't be a concern for much longer.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Life itself is the proper binge"--Julia Child

I just spent a few days in New York eating and drinking well beyond the suggested parameters for this model. The experience was amazing--I had not been to New York since I was a kid, with my parents. Not only has the city itself changed dramatically, but so obviously has my point of view. Eleven gluttonous meals in three days, including about two cases of wine. I made my first restaurant selections using the list of Manhattan Grand Award winners, and then filled in with the generally famous and topped everything off with the most unbelievably over-the-top wine dinner at one of America's handful of Michelen 3-Star restaurants.

Holy shit, I got back a week ago and am still hung over, and am just now getting hungry again. On the rare occassion that I travel, I recognize no restrictions. I usually can't take much more time than three or four days, and always endeavor to pack as much luxury and consumption as possible into that short breadth of time. Being in the restaurant industry, I usually rationalize this ridiculous extravagence by calling it research. Where better to steal tidbits of service, successful programs, and the next best trends than at Per Se..or The French Laundry, Restaurant Michael Mina, Craftsteak [home of the 6oz $180.00 REAL Japanese Kobe Ribeye], Veritas, Asiate, Le Cirque, Brix, The Tribeca Grill, and several others upon which my memory is too blurry to comment.

My only regret is that I didn't make it to Masa--nor because I am a huge afficianado of crazy Anthony Bourdain-style dare-you-to-eat-it sushi [my taste in raw fish is actually very basic], but because the only thing missing from my trophy case from this trip was the $850.00, three-hour-long sushi dinner for two.

Not "rest" in the proper sense, but well worth it.

I get down.